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A history and explanation. The original sca-chirurgeon mailing list was graciously provided by Lord Macsen and hosted at the Wyvernhall website. In March 1999 there came the Great Schism, and a new list was formed at the ONElist site ( Financial concerns caused the closing of the Wyvernhall list in June 1999, and the simultaneous creation of a new ONElist forum with the members of the Wyvernhall list being automatically subscribed ( The sca-chirurgeon list is the larger of the two, with a large amount of overlap in the group memberships. After an extensive polling of the membership of both lists, they were eventually combined and remain the SCA-Chirurgeon mail list. ONElist merged with Egroups, which was bought out by Yahoo where the list currently resides. You are required to create an account at Yahoo Groups to join. There is no cost to do so and the mail from the lists will be delivered to your normal email account. No one has reported an increase in spam from signing on with the free mailing list services.

To unsubscribe, log on to Yahoo Groups and click the button in the left frame to go to the "Member Center" page.

From the original Chirurgeon mailing list greeting:

Greetings and Welcome to the SCA Chirurgeonate Mailing List.

This list is designed to be a resource for Chirurgeons in the Society for Creative Anachronism to share helpful hints, articles, war stories, or other bits of information that will help the Chirurgeon in the performance of duties.

You don't have to be a warranted Chirurgeon to join the list, just be willing to share your knowlege of first aid in the context of the SCA.

Please participate, even if your are the newest Apprentice in the Knowne World. We all have important information to share!

Your Cyber-CIC,

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